reasonably smallToday we continue our roll-out of previews for our CMW showcase with another song premiere, this time from electro-horror-punks Cellphone. If you’re not familiar with the band that may have a little to do with their defiantly unGoogle-able name, but it’s actually their second moniker. The band recently rebranded from the more descriptive Skitso-Convo.

“It’s still the same band,” says Eric Farber. “We just weren’t down with the loaded 7/11 screwball-self-talker implications of Skitso-Convo. I want us to keep changing the name every few months to keep it fresh.”

That’s not the strategy of a band that cares much about mainstream success, but that hardly seems like Cellphone’s goal. Though they still have a Skitso-Convo YouTube channel with a few songs (one of which debuted on NME), they’re willing to let that live under a different name while they continue to follow and record their every musical whim.

Their songs to this point have often been categorized as “dance-punk,” which seems like a somewhat accurate description, but it definitely doesn’t fit into the category of more indie rock leaning groups like Bloc Party or Franz Ferdinand that are typically put under that banner. Instead it sounds like what would happen if the Dead Kennedys got really into Kraftwerk, a style that Farber categorizes as “aggressively smoked out.”

“It’s like backwards dance punk,” he says. “Instead of putting twitchy guitar on long dance grooves, we put a lot of trance and techno sounds in to concise punk structures.”

Cellphone have just finished their first six-song cassette, which they plan to release soon, and already have their following release planned. Here is the debut of a track off that upcoming EP, entitled “Everybody Shits, Everybody Dies”