Saturday, March 24 will be a landmark day for Resonancity. That’s the day we extend our reach from the comfortable confines of the internet to the sinister, oft-raided, and, if we’re being totally honest, kind of creepy (but awesome) Comfort Zone. The infamous den of iniquity will be the setting of our very first live Resonancity showcase, a Canadian Music Week bill of skuzzy, attention-grabbing rock and roll.

Resonancity and CMW may seem like strange bedfellows, but we’ve found a way to fit our skewed attitude into the industry-friendly festival schedule. We started this website with a simple goal: to spotlight the beautiful, heavy and often strange bands hiding in plain site, beneath the often-covered, usually PR-assisted batch of boilerplate pop-rock that hogs most of the media attention. How did we reconcile that mindset with a festival whose major coup is reuniting Treble Charger and I Mother Earth?

That’s simple: We teamed up with Dan Burke. Never one to settle for the safe choice, the legendary Toronto promoter collaborated with us and scrappy local DIY label Buzz Records to come up with a lineup that would sidestep the temptation of mediocrity. Burke initially started his NeXT series as a direct challenge to CMW, but the event eventually picked up enough steam that the festival wisely incorporated it into its own schedule.

Burke’s managed to raise as much hell from within, and credit CMW for letting him and a few other left-of-centre promoters to follow their own vision, but even he’s unsure how we managed to sneak this one under the CMW (CMF?) umbrella. While big-name breadwinners like Passion Pit and Atlantic Records Rolling Stone cover stars the Sheepdogs are hobnobbing at the Royal York’s “Indie” Awards, we’ll be tucked below the Waverly Hotel with a five-band lineup that might be a bit off, but definitely won’t be forgettable. No one’s going to pick up a sponsorship deal or record contract here, but if you’re looking for a good time then this will be the place to park for the night.

Post-industrial noisemakers Bad Party have a reputation for crowd-disturbing antics in their live shows (which might be why they’re so rare), and since they’re visiting from Detroit they have a total blank slate.

We’ve also managed to snag Absolutely Free for their third hometown show. You may recognize the guys as four-fifths of Resonancity-favourites DD/MM/YYYY. Their new incarnation brings the same percussive, instrument-switching fervour, but with less focus on spazzy popcraft and more on gorgeous, spacey drone.

Buzz Records kindly lent us one of their house (or, more accurately, Garage) bands, Connoisseurs of Porn. As you may glean from the moniker, these Captain Beefheart, Mr. Bungle worshipping youngsters are less about blog-friendly renown and more about glorious dissonance, with some skewed melodic songcraft poking underneath the jagged edges.

Skitso-Convo have rebranded under the less Googleable name, Cellphone, but they’re the same loveably noisey-but-danceable electro-horror-punks they’ve always been.

The bill is filled out by one more mystery act that we’re excited to share, but we can’t announce them until closer to the show date. We can tell you they’re a attitude-filled bunch of shit-kicking punks that have been making a lot of noise (both literally and figuratively) on the Toronto scene.