Cynical Detroit duo Bad Party

Detroit industrial punk duo Bad Party – who make their Toronto debut at our CMW showcase this Saturday – mix pounding drum machinery and ripping guitar that makes you want to both dance around and rough someone up at the same time. But while frontman Nate Savino has a reputation for bad-assery, I found out he does not condone fighting, or at least not bullying. That said, he still resents people – including his now-ousted bassist, who shall not be named. Armed with a new guitarist, Bad Party continues the tradition of noise punk they started (as part of  Tamion 12 Inchand White Devil.) They plan to release new vinyl this summer, sounding exactly like you’d think a band living in America’s most wounded post-industrial city would sound. Savino answered some of my email questions on the motor-less Detroit, his hatred for Catholicism and how he’s “an angel and a devil at the same time.”

Now that 22-year-old guitarist Kent Alexander replaced your old bassist, how has that changed your sound?

HE SHREDDS … When it was bass it was tuned really high and played through a guitar head. Now it’s a guitar tuned low – it’s a little different but I looked for a new bass player for years. Kent can play anything but we don’t really plan on playin the older (songs), maybe one.


You’ve mentioned your distaste for the U.S. government. Why? Politically, how do you sway?

Have you ever been to Detroit? To the USA? CANADA is the real America. I guess I think both left and right, personal freedom in its totality, and social programs to eradicate extreme poverty.

You have a song called Catholic Guilt. Were you raised Catholic and how does that affect your art?

More like tortured as Catholic, like in a sick religious cult. They can all burn in the hell they have created in their minds. Religion (like that especially) is about mind control, maybe some of my art (music) is a breaking away from that kind of thinking.

Detroit was hit hard by the recession, with some foreclosed homes on sale for $1 or less. How has the economy affected you?

I used to be able to work and make money. The situation around here has been complete shit for five years… the government sucks!!!!!! They are responsible for the economy or lack thereof. It has made me fucking pissed, I would have had two more records out at least if it wasn’t for it.

Detroit is known for pioneering techno. How has electronic music influenced you?

Techno sucks. It is usually boring it has no soul. BOOTY has probably been more of an influence for me. I used to go dancing a lot more and was co-founder ofFunk Night a big detroit dance party (that a lot of people who were not involved with get credit for).

What other projects do you have outside of Bad Party?

SXUAL PRDATOR is my new dance project with Devon Parrott …  White Evil is a project that involves playing live to films I make or collages. T-shirt art is a favourite, because then you can wear it in public – my answers are getting dumbed down because of my distaste for typing – I make art that is usually meant to show something wrong with society, at least in my world.

Your music sounds angry. Do you listen to that kind of music?

Some songs I guess are kinda angry, some aren’t meant to be. Some are. Sometimes it’s just a really really shitty sound tech making me pissed, which influences the sound in a negative way. I mostly listen to classical music, and a recorded tape of  early AC/DC (High Voltage and If you Want Blood you Got it) over and over. But I do listen to all kinds of music.

You once told a journalist “if I get it in my head that I don’t like someone, I’ll just run at them across the bar.” Have you mellowed out since then?

I’m not as crazy anymore … and that interview got a little jumbled. It would have to something really serious for me to attack, and i’m really thousands of years old. but nobody would belive that anyway… I have never never started a fight – I am not a bully. I hate bullys. I never had a childhood, have always thought in a timeless mannner, I react to situations. I am angel and devil at the same time.

What is your relationship with your former bassist, in terms of creating music and personally?

I would rather not talk about it

What’s your relationship with the crowd you play to?

We’ll see on March 24th