Skateboarding is an acrobatic game that attracts skaters of all ages. However, it requires super skills which a five-year-old might be missing. The following are the step by step directions on how to start your son to master skating.

Son Skateboarding

How to Start

The very basic skill that your son needs here is to learn to be comfortable with the skating board. When skating for the very first time, he should not try to show off what he saw some pro across the street do the day before.


Knowing the Board

Either you or your son’s trainer should help him know all the parts of the board ( ).


First Roll

The first roll is the hardest part for a beginner. When your son tries to push himself forward for the first time, the board might go ahead of him.

Help your son not to push forward when both his legs are at a parallel level. Help him put one foot in front of the other and then take his first push. Be patient with him if he does not get it the first day.


Footing the Board

Which foot is your son comfortable putting on the board when he is pushing forward? Do not force him to use the foot you think he should put on the board, let him use the leg that he will be comfortable with.

When your son learns to be consistent with the same leg on the board when pushing forward, he is ready for more lessons.



The most important techniques in skating are turning and stopping. Turning a skateboard requires that he applies more weight in the heel area. If he wants to make a sharp turn, let him lift the front wheel as slightly as he can.

When stopping, you can ask him to grind the tail of the skateboard on the ground. Alternatively, you can teach him how to make a reverse push. He can achieve this by stopping the front wheels and then pushing in the opposite direction.


Protection Against Injury

Besides getting a coach to train your son to avoid falling and break a limb, you will need to buy him protective gears.

The best way to get your child the right safety gear is to visit the real skate shop or an online skate shop and get your kid an original equipment starting with the skateboard.

Get him a real skateboard that has wheels. Next, buy him a helmet. However, do not buy him a big helmet with speculation that his head will grow to fit in it because if it does not fit him now, it will not protect him properly in case of an accident.

Next on the list is skate shoes ( ), knee and elbow pads. As a beginner, your son is likely to lose balance easily and fall, and these will prove a great protect against the knees and elbows.

As he gains some skating experience, you might find it hard to convince him to wear the pads, but it is no waste of money now that he is learning to use the skateboard. But insist even when he gains balance that he wears a helmet every time he goes skating.