Philosophers say when passion becomes profession, money follows automatically. This philosophy may have spelled success for many renowned people worldwide; however, when it comes to visual arts, it is better said than done. It takes both marketing skills and work excellence to make a creative profession, such as photography, the primary bread earning source for you. A photography profile is probably the first step to branding yourself in a competitive market.

Choose a Photography Theme

A photography profile is the most sacred marketing tool for any aspiring photographer. A well constructed and well-presented portfolio can win dream projects for you. It should convey the diversity, proficiency and the aesthetic bent of mind of the photographer. A photography profile is the most sacred marketing tool for any aspiring photographer. A well compiled and well-presented portfolio can be your ticket to success.

There are basically two approaches to building a photography profile – a photo feature and a photo album. A photo feature is a compilation of images that are compiled under a single theme. When compiled in a sequence, they tend to narrate a visual story. Usually, a photo feature has a title that depicts the link between the photos in that compilation. You can create a photo feature on popular places, objects, emotions, festivals or creative themes. For example, a photo feature on the Leaning Tower of Pisa will begin with a wide-angle shot of the place. In subsequent photographs, it will cover natural surroundings, major structures and image of the main structure from different angles. For a creative approach, you can go for abstract topics, such as light and shadows.

A photo album is a compilation of photographs based on a single theme. You can select from popular themes, such as nature, wildlife, sports or portraits. If compiled properly, niche themes such as food, building or technology also attract viewers’ attention. Master one particular theme and then explore the next. Make sure you have covered diverse a range of themes to attract photography projects from different domains.

Select the Best and Leave the Rest

When selecting the photographs for your portfolio, make sure you adhere to the highest possible standards. Make sure to select only the best and leave out anything below your standard. Also, consider how creatively the central idea is presented in a photograph. Strike out any photograph that does not blend well with the central idea of the portfolio or if it is missing that ‘zing’ factor.

After selecting the best photographs, compile them in a creative package. Arrange photographs in a narrative pattern. Include captions, descriptions and exposure details about every photograph to add to depth to the portfolio. Create an online portfolio, along with a printed profile, to market yourself over the internet.