Gearing up for our first Resonancity showcase at the Comfort Zone this Saturday has us very excited. We stand behind every band on the bill, though we know none of them are exactly industry-friendly. So, starting today and running every weekday up until the show, we’ve decided to give you a preview of each band. Today, we start with local noise-makers Connoisseurs of Porn.

The band first caught our attention for their abrasive, angular, but often strangely catchy compositions, the glorious sound of three bored kids making noise in a garage and accidentally stumbling on some excellently skewed noise-pop nuggets. That’s what caught our attention, but it’s probably not what caught yours. No, that’s most likely their band name.

CoP are built for overstuffed festivals like CMW because, outside of listening to each and every band on the schedule, sometimes you have to resort to blindly reading band names. We don’t think we’re exaggerating to say that Connoisseurs of Porn is one of the more arresting ones on the schedule. (And who knows what kind of spam this site is going to attract after this post?)

According to guitarist Greg Keefe, they chose the name for the exact reason you probably think: they thought it was funny. But, intentionally or not, the moniker eventually penetrated deeper into the band’s aesthetic.

“It…captures something significant both in the ways we relate to music and life,” he says. “Porn is fucked up. Mainstream porn in particular is interesting both in that it’s this weird exaggerated/deranged display of sexuality and yet despite this it is still extremely formulaic. In this respect it seems like a good metaphor for what seems like a lot of posturing that occurs both throughout the music scene and as a more general phenomenon in life. We have the experience of operating on the fringes (both in music and in life) and with this comes a sort of voyeurism – this shit seems ridiculous from the outside. Who knew ass-to-mouth could become derivative?”

The band started when the three members – Keefe, Grant Spooner and Chris Thomas – moved into a house together, mistakenly believing that would inspire musical productivity. Instead it led to drinking, noisemaking and eventually “[making] enemies with the neighbours and the police,” which, somewhat predictably, forced them into a rehearsal space.

From there, they started taking things seriously – not too seriously of course, but enough to produce two short releases – The Peasant Terror/Chicken 7” and the I’m Bored EP – both of which display their knack for strange but compelling weirdo-rock, reminiscent of all of rock’s favourite eccentrics: the Jesus Lizard, Captain Beefheart and Mike Patton, among others.

They’ve also just finished recording their latest EP, Falling Down The Stairs, and is kindly letting us debut the first song. According to Keefe, the EP is the result of “playing the shit out of songs for a really long time then trying to capture a really good version them.” So, without further ado, here is the internet premiere of “Re-Gifted Fruit”: